The World’s First Mesh Bushing Guard, since 2003

Bushing Covers with Open Mesh Design For Electrical Utilities

Our mesh bushing guard design offers numerous benefits for your electric utility, especially when compared with a solid bushing cover. Experience peace of mind from the increased reliability of your electrical distribution system and enhanced safety of your linemen. Once you see the difference Therm-A-Guard® mesh bushing covers make, you’ll never order a solid cover again.

A Better Bushing Cover Design

Therm-A-Guard® wildlife protectors were designed with the input of expert thermographers, electrical engineers, utility linemen and substation electricians. Additionally, we use an HDPE manufactured by the Chevron Phillips Chemical Corporation; many of their chemical, process, mechanical and material engineers provided their invaluable input into our final material selection.

After over 20 years of testing, manufacturing and sales, not a single Therm-A-Guard® has failed due to a UV or manufacturing or material breakdown; in fact, most are in the same condition as when they were manufactured 10, 15 and, in some cases, 20 years ago.

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Mesh Bushing Cover Extra Large on Transformer at Electric Plant

The Benefits of Our Unique Mesh Bushing Cover

Reduce Downtime & Protects Wildlife

Our mesh bushing covers help reduce outages due to wildlife at your electric utility.

Let Your Equipment Breathe

Our mesh design allows air to flow naturally around your bushings and allows them to operate at a lower temperature.

Inspection Friendly

Our mesh design allows for accurate thermal and visual inspections to be performed without removing the guard or de-energizing the equipment.

Our Mesh Bushing Covers Help You Protect:

Overhead Transformers

Voltage Regulators

Lightning Arrestors

Circuit Breakers





Why Choose Therm-A-Guard® Bushing Covers

The Original Mesh Bushing Cover

The Original Mesh Bushing Cover Design

We were the first to design and market our innovative mesh bushing covers. While others have tried to copy what we started, we remain the gold standard in the industry for quality and longevity. 

Mesh Bushing Cover that's Made in America

100% Made in America

Our bushing covers are 100% made in America. From the Therm-A-Guard®s raw material to the shipping boxes to the design work, everything is done using American parts and using American labor. While we've been approached to outsource our operations overseas many times, as most of our competition does, we remain committed to supporting American manufacturing. This also allows us to maintain our high standard of quality control, and that helps our bushing covers to be #1 in quality.

Did you know: The smooth surface of the Therm-A-Guard® allows contaminants to be washed away with the rain.

Best Bushing Cover Design

The Bushing Cover of Choice for Utility Linemen Worldwide

Utility linemen across the United States and around the world prefer Therm-A-Guard® mesh bushing covers for a host of reasons, including:

Protection from Bees and Wasps​

Wasps and bees are naturally attracted to bushing covers. The Therm-A-Guard® mesh design won't stop bees and wasps from building nests, but they will allow a lineman to do a visual inspection of the guarded equipment and spot any potential bee or wasp dangers before getting close.

Easy Installation

Therm-A-Guard® bushing covers are easy to install. Three of our four models are designed with hot stick handles allowing for hot stick installation without de-energizing the equipment. Your linemen can easily adapt the Therm-A-Guard for side exits where applicable.

Free samples are available for all sizes of our bushing covers. It's the perfect way to determine exactly what you need before placing a large order.

The #1 Bushing Guard for Thermal Inspections...Designed by a Thermal Inspector!

Our founder was a contract thermal inspector for electrical utilities across America for many years before inventing and patenting the Therm-A-Guard® mesh bushing cover.

Most electric utilities routinely conduct thermal inspections as part of their preventative maintenance programs. A thermal inspection is a powerful tool used to detect hot spots on valuable electric equipment. An accurate infrared inspection allows a utility to identify and correct any potential hot spots prior to their failure or causing widespread power outages.

When solid bushing guards became common in the 1990s, they solved one problem (outages caused by wildlife) and simultaneously created another: Thermographers could no longer see the bushings underneath the covers and lost the ability to take accurate thermal readings. Also visual inspections of bushings became  nearly impossible to perform. Then, in 2003, the Therm-A-Guard® was brought to market and offered an all-in-one solution to wildlife outages and thermal / visual inspections.

Mesh Bushing Cover Designed for Thermal Inspections

The Therm-A-Guard® was the first bushing cover of it's kind to protect against wildlife and allow for accurate thermal inspections to take place.

A Bushing Cover that's Visual Inspection Friendly

Our mesh bushing guards allow inspectors to read the oil sight gauges and visually examine the condition of the bushings. unlike with conventional solid bushing covers. Solid bushing covers make this inspection nearly impossible.

Therm-A-Guard® By The Numbers

We designed and patented the original mesh bushing guard and have sold millions worldwide.
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The Original Patented Mesh Bushing Guard

A Bushing Cover Built to Last

UV Stabilized

Therm-A-Guard® wildlife protectors are UV stabilized with a letdown ratio of .75% HALS UV stabilizer; both colorant and material are UV stabilized. After over 10,000 hours in a UV Test Chamber, no chalking, hazing or cracking was observed on any samples (10,000 hours in the UV Chamber represents approximately 10 years of real life sun exposure). The long life expectancy of the Therm-A-Guard® will give you the peace of mind knowing that it is an “install and forget” maintenance chore.

UV Stabilized Mesh Bushing Covers
Bushing Cover with Super Real Hinge for Protection from Outages Due To Animals

Secure Latching System

All of our wildlife protection products are designed and manufactured with a real hinge rather than a very thin living hinge commonly used by our competitors. A real hinge makes the hinge assembly much less likely to fail over time. The latching system is designed to bite harder into the guard the more pressure that is put on the locking latches. No more wrapping electric tape or tie wraps around the guards to get them to stay in place. Therm-A-Guard® bushing covers have been tested up to 125 MPH wind load without any movement.

Hot Stick Installable

The three larger Therm-A-Guard®s bushing cover models are designed with hot stick handles allowing for hot stick installation without de-energizing the equipment when necessary.

Host Stick Installable Bushing Cover that Utility Linemen Love

Frequently Asked Questions

All Therm-A-Guard® models come with a 10-year warranty; however, many utilities across the US and abroad currently have Therm-A-Guards® installed for well over 10 years without any degradation in color or physical characteristics of the guard. The long life, with zero material change, despite years of blistering sun exposure, is attributed to the high levels of UV inhibitors added to our raw material.

Small: $10.50
Medium: $15.50
Large: $18.50
Extra Large: $34.50

Yes. Our medium, large and extra-large guards have hot stick handles and an easy-to-use latching system to install the guards hot when required. Our smallest guard, however, does not have hot stick handles. The small guard was designed for use where space and clearance between bushings might be a problem; extended hot stick handles could made proper clearances an issue.
Yes! Infrared inspections can now precisely detect hot spots on wildlife guarded equipment using the patented Therm-A-Guard® design. The view is clear enough to easily determine the exact cause of the hot spot and its actual temperature. Conventional solid wildlife guards mask this view and make it impossible to accurately detect and report these hot spots.
Wasps and other insects are more prone to build nests in conventional solid bushing guards because they will be protected from inclement weather. Therm-A-Guard's® open design allows wind and rain to enter the guard resulting in cooler operating temperatures of the protected equipment while also washing away contaminants that build up on the equipment. Of course, insects do not want to build a nest in this type of wet environment . Additionally, Therm-A-Guards® allow linemen to easily see a nest prior to working on the equipment. Insect killer can be sprayed directly through the guard preventing insect stings to your employees.
Yes. The open design of the Therm-A-Guard® allows for increased air circulation around the guarded equipment thus maintaining cooler operating temperatures. Cooler temperatures are critical to the life expectancy of your bushing's gasket.
The Therm-A-Guard® Wildlife Protector is manufactured in Tampa Bay, Florida U.S.A. Manufacturing in our ISO certified facility insures quality parts and materials in every Therm-A-Guard®.
Yes. The United States Patent and Trademark office issued US Patent No. 6,486,785 on November 2, 2002.
We offer four (4) sizes of Therm-A-Guard®s that will cover nearly all bushings and potheads; overhead distribution transformers; substation transformers; substation breakers; regulators and reclosures. Please see our guard specification sheets for exact dimensions.
Yes. All Therm-A-Guard® models are UV stabilized with a .75% HALS UV stabilizer. This high level of UV stabilization is more than triple that of most outdoor polyethylene products and will provide a minimum of 15 years of outdoor life without degredation.
The Therm-A-Guard® is usually installed around the first skirt below the exposed bushing or pothead connector. It can, however, be installed around the second of third skirt or the bushing cap if size or clearance is an issue. The larger guards were engineered to allow any one of the three or four hinges to be cut out for side-exit leads. The smaller guard was designed so that solid areas around the two hinges could be cut out to accommodate side exit leads. Additionally, the flexible bushing grips, located at the bottom of the guard, can be easily trimmed to accommodate various size bushings.
Therm-A-Guard® wildlife protectors are produced from an engineering-grade, high-density polyethylene called Marlex 9018, manufactured by Chevron-Phillips Corporation. (Complete material specifications and data sheets are available). The Therm-A-Guard® has a smooth, highly polished surface allowing rain to wash away contaminants that could otherwise build up. Both the polyethylene material and the colorant additive are UV stabilized.

Improve Your Utility’s Reliability Today!

Choose Therm-A-Guard® to protect your equipment from wildlife, increase reliability, improve worker safety and gain peace of mind.